Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Aspen wood.

The Forest programme – a centre of excellence

The Forest programme further develops SLU's role as a centre of excellence for Swedish and international environmental analysis in the forest sector. Nationally speaking, the main purpose is to supply background information for monitoring and assessment of current forest, environment and energy policy. There is an international demand for our expertise on developing forest monitoring, both in the EU and globally. The work done under the programme provides important support for development of the new approach to wildlife management.

Anna-Lena Axelsson, programme coordinator:

"Data illustrating the factors to be considered when weighing up timber production against other forest ecosystem services are in great demand. New sectors of society desire forest information, which makes greater demands of the way in which we present our findings. The programme has breadth as well as focal points; we supply everything from epidemic nephropathy (a vole-borne haermorrhagic fever) forecasts to data forming the basis for Sweden's international climate reporting."

Contact us!

Anna-Lena Axelsson and Lars Edenius, coordinator and assist. coordinator for the Forest programme within SLU´s environmental monitoring and assessment.


Anna-Lena Axelsson, coordinator
+46-(0)90-786 85 91
+46-(0)70-376 21 71
Department of Forest Resource Management

Lars Edenius, assist. coordinator
+46-(0)90-786 83 41
+46-(0)70-550 19 70
Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies

Knowledge Bank: Forest

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