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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Built environment programme

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Analyses the city and its environs

The aim of the Built environment programme is to survey and analyse the city and its environs. This includes human health and  perceptions of the urban environment as well as issues concerning urban sprawl and planning of green and water areas. Results are intended to help in monitoring achievement of the "Good Built Environment" quality objective.

Jesper Persson, programme coordinator:

Almost 80 per cent of the population of Europe now live in cities. Growing urban populations increase the need for good housing environments, recreational facilities and transport solutions. If we are to ensure that this development is sustainable, we will need to know more about the urban landscape and the impact of its technical systems.

Acitivities: Built environment programme

Photo: Beautiful Sweden

The urban environment

The Built Environment Programme started in 2009, focusing on the "Good built environment" environmental objective. It reflects the increasing attention being paid to the urban environment, as well as SLU's belief that it has knowledge to contribute in this field.

However, the term "built environment" and the related environmental objective are both heterogeneous and complex. This is because issues concerning the urban environment are closely related to local and social contexts, which means that environmental issues must often be analysed on the basis of differing premises and local conditions. The programme places the emphasis on data analysis and methods development, rather than data collection.

Urban development and democracy development

The fields in which SLU is particularly able to contribute knowledge, and which will be given priority, are various aspects of sustainable urban development and democracy development. This may include issues as varying as child health and safety, development of planning tools, analyses of green and water areas.

Current projects

  • Monitoring of Sweden's urban tree population.
  • Children's Maps in GIS – administer, use, aggregate and collaborate.
  • Functional Densification Implementation – Realisation of FOMA results in densification projects in Swedish Cities.

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Knowledge Bank

2013-04-19 -  Planning cities for playfulness
Increasing numbers of the world's children grow up in cities. Outdoor urban environments are therefore of growing importance for children's day-to-day mobility.
2013-04-17 -  Putting children on the map
A number of Swedish municipalities are using a method called “Children's maps in GIS” to find out how children feel about and use their outdoor environment.
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