Cross-faculty seed money projects

Last changed: 15 February 2024

As part of the strategy to increase cross-faculty collaborations and to further strengthen breeding research at SLU, the SLU Breeding Network is financially supporting the following short-term projects, involving researchers at two, three or four of the VH, S, NJ, and LTV faculties. Seed money projects were running in 2021.

Solving the stinking mystery - Which species is behind the recent increase in common bunt incidence?

Project participants: Fluturë Novakazi (LTV), Therése Bengtsson, Anna Berlin (NJ), Björn Andersson (NJ)

Screening for effector proteins involved in P. cactorum virulence on strawberry and apple for development of effector assisted breeding.

Project participants: Ramesh Vetekuri (LTV), Mukesh Dubey (NJ), Johanna Witzell (S)

The apple-Neonectria ditissima pathosystem

Project participants: Kerstin Dalman (NJ), Larisa Gustavsson (LTV), Malin Elfstrand (S), Salim Bourras (NJ)

Evaluation of winter hardiness of oilseed crops in Sweden

Project participants: Cecilia Hammenhag (LTV), Mulatu Geleta Dida (LTV), David Parsons (NJ)

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