Loftet, Stora Salen, Uppsala

Global Sustainable Development Goals & Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives

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Welcome to a workshop and mini course on relevance, achievements, synergies, conflicts, politics, and research applications around the global sustainable development goals and Swedish environmental quality objectives.

The purpose of the mini-course and workshop is to increase PhD students’ awareness for the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives (EQO).

An overarching goal is to inform about possible conflicts and synergies when working with the SDG and EQO regarding environmental monitoring, research, and other commitments under international agreements. Focus will be on ways of communication to improve the implication of the goals and objectives to work for the final goal of a sustainable use of our natural resources.


Time: 2019-02-08 08:30
City: Uppsala
Location: Loftet, Stora Salen
Organiser: The research schools Focus on Soils and Water, Ecology- basics and applications, Organism Biology, Society and Landscape (SSPSD) and Focus on Food and Biomaterials (FFB)
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Preliminary schedule of the workshop

Maria Kahlert, FoSW

Solid waste, water , sanitation and health
Christian Zurbrügg, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG)

Management of soil systems
Timothy McLaren, ETH Zürich


Governance of water resources, rural development and agro-industry

Agenda2030 – Swedish Government Policy
TBA, Agenda2030 delegation

Environmental objectives and administration. The practical work.
Carl-Johan Sanglert, County administrative board Jönköping & RUS (Regional Development & Cooperation regarding the Environmental objectives).


How do funding agencies address the goals?
Johanna van Schaik Dernfalk, FORMAS (Funding agency)

SLU and the Global goals
Sara Gräslund, SLU Global

SLU and the Swedish objectives
Kevin Bishop, SLU Foma


Panel discussion with all presenters

Dinner & beer & fun for all participants

‘Mini-course’ 1 ECTS (PNG0079)

In total ~3+ days of work, including 1 day preparation (reading) before workshop, 1 day workshop, ½ day preparation of own presentation, ½ day presentation of own work after workshop.

Reading: Global SDG and the Swedish EQO homepages and answering the following questions:

  • What are the Global SDG and the Swedish EQO, respectively, and why were they established?
  • Who does what?
  • Do you think that the environmental quality objectives are likely to be achieved?
  • Find out the goals/objectives in relation to your own work. What do you think is needed in your field of research to bring the objective(s) closer to achievement?
  • Contact the course organisator to discuss which of the Global SDG and the Swedish EQO (one each) you would like to present to the other students in more detail.
  • Search SLUs web about environmental monitoring and assessment. Which other laws and commitments exist regarding the environment?
  • Think of three possibilities to continue your career working with environmental objectives (not only university)

Reading: environmental objectives homepage (good information prepared there) and answering the

Own presentation after workshop: ½ day presentations & group discussions (time and place to be negotiated with the participating PhD students)

Prepare 1 overhead slide presenting how your project is related to the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives. Might there be conflicts with other objectives or other regulations? Find out if there are similar regulations or objectives in other countries which you might work in the future. Are there any differences? Prepare 1 overhead slide to present 1 Global SDG and 1 Swedish EQO related to your work (contact course organizer before preparing to avoid double presentations).