Official statistics from SLU

Last changed: 23 May 2023
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Here you'll find official statistics on the state and development of Swedish forests.

SLU is responsible for official statistics on Swedish forests and their state and development. The Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI, Riksskogstaxeringen) is responsible for the production of these statistics. The statistics are usually published online annually in May in the form of tables, diagrams and maps. The statistics are summarised in Skogsdata and it is also possible to search and compile NFI statistics interactively by using the Taxwebb web service. NFI statistics are openly available through the PX-web, simplifying customised searches and making statistics accessible via an API. 

The National Forest Inventory has 100-year-old time series of forest data making it possible to study forest development since the 1920’s, on a county level.  


All official statistics from SLU have the designation Sweden's official statistics or are marked with the symbol below.

Please note that the designation or symbol may not be used in your own processing of the official statistics.