PhD-course: Ecological principles for sustainable weed management

Welcome to apply for the new PhD-course  "Ecological principles for sustainable weed management" hosted by SLU and Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile. The course will be heöd in November 2022. Note! Deadline: 31 May 2022.

The course will synthesise knowledge from biology, ecology, chemistry as well as from environmental and social sciences. The aim is to provide a holistic overview on ecological principles that can be utilised for sustainable weed management as well as their environmental, economic and social implications.

We are aiming for an interdisciplinary learning experience, connecting students from various scientific disciplines. The course is further intending to support the intercultural competences as well as the ability to work interdisciplinary.

Furthermore, the course is aiming to provide next generation researchers and advisors with relevant knowledge for assessing and optimising the management of weeds in agricultural and semi-natural ecosystems.

The course contend is aiming to address several of the SDGs but in particular SDG 15, Life on Land, with targets 15.5 (halt biodiversity loss) and 15.8 (prevent the impact of invasive alien species) as well as SDG 3, Good Health and Well-Being, with target 3.9 (reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals).

Who can apply?

Admitted to PhD studies at one of the ACCESS universities.
The course is open to all PhD students interested in sustainable management of unwanted vegetation. We are aiming for an interdisciplinary teaching and learning environment, encouraging students from a wide range of scientific disciplines to apply for the course. This is including, ecology, agronomy, forestry, horticulture, viticulture, biology, environmental sciences or any adjacent scientific areas that are interested in deepening their knowledge about ecological principles for sustainable management of unwanted vegetation.
The students are required to write a short abstract about their research interests when applying.

Where: Online in Zoom

When: November 2022

Deadline: 31 May 2022

PhD course description.pdf

PhD Course syllabus.pdf


Time: 2022-05-31
City: Zoom

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