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Patrick (Tsz Yung) Wong

Patrick Wong
I am a Ph.D. student working in the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment within the Division of Environmental Organic Chemistry and Ecotoxicology (OMK).


My Ph.D. project is focused on non-targeted screening, suspect screening, and targeted analysis of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and microplastic in landfill leachate. Furthermore, the evaluation of currently applied treatment methods and the development of innovative treatment methods such as mycoremediation and biochar would also be the goals of the project. This project aims to enhance our understanding of the occurrence and the level of CECs and microplastic in landfill leachate and their ecological impact. 


My principal supervisor is Oksana Golovko.

Alberto Celma, Karin Wiberg, and Malin Hultberg are my assistant supervisors.