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Oksana Golovko

Oksana Golovko
I am a researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment (IVM), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in Uppsala. My research is focused on organic micropollutants (OMPs) in the environment and their environmental fate; occurrence of OMPs in different matrices (waste water, surface water, soil, sediment, sludge and fish) and how they can be removed from the environment. In addition, my research also includes development of analytical methods based on liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry/ high resolution mass spectrometry, monitoring and effect studies.


Food waste to new food in an urban context – production, risk assessment and consumer acceptance (Main applicant Malin Hultberg, SLU).

Risk modeling of mixtures of endocrine disrupting chemicals relevant to human exposure, using zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo as model organism (RiskMix) (Main applicant Jana Weiss, Stockholms universitet)


2010–2014 University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Research Institute of Fish Culture and Hydrobiology, Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry, Vodnany, Czech Republic (Ph.D.)

2008–2009 V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Ukraine (M.Sc.)

2004–2008 V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Ukraine (B.Sc.)

Selected publications

Sörengårda, M., Campos-Pereirab, H., Ullberga, M., Yin Laia, F., Golovko O., Ahrens, L. Mass loads, source apportionment, and risk estimation of organic micropollutants from hospital and municipal wastewater in a recipient catchments. Chemosphere (2019) 234: 931-941

Pohl, J., Ahrens, L., Carlsson, G., Golovko O., Norrgren, L., Weiss, J., Örn.,S. Embryotoxicity of ozonated diclofenac, carbamazepine, and oxazepam in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Chemosphere (2019) 225: 191-199

Rodrigues, A., Machado, A., Bordalo, M., Saro, L., Simão, F., Rocha, R.,  Golovko, O.,  Zlabek, V., Barata, C., Soares, A., Pestana, J. 2018. Invasive species mediate insecticide effects on community and ecosystem functioning. Environmental Science & Technology 52, 4889−4900 (IF 2016 = 6.198)

Sauer, P., Stara, A., Golovko, O., Valentova, O., Borík, A., Grabic, R., Kocour Kroupova, H. 2018 Two synthetic progestins and natural progesterone are responsible for most of the progestagenic activities in municipal wastewater treatment plant effluents in the Czech and Slovak republics. Water Research 137: 64-71. (IF 2016 = 6.942)

Golovko, O., Šauer, P., Fedorova, G., Kocour Kroupová, H., Grabic, R., 2017. Determination of progestogens in surface and waste water using SPE extraction and LC-APCI/APPI-HRPS. Science of the Total Environment 621: 1066-1073. (IF = 4.900)

Cerveny, D., Turek, J., Grabic, R., Golovko, O., Koba, O., Fedorova, G., Grabicova, K., Zlabek, Z., Randak, T. Young-of-the-year fish as a prospective bioindicator for aquatic environmental contamination monitoring. Water Research 103: 334-342. (IF 2015 = 5.991)

Golovko, O., Koba, O., Kodešová, R., Fedorova, G., Kumar, V., Grabic, R., 2016. Development of fast and robust multiresidual LC-MS/MS method for determination of pharmaceuticals in soils. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 14068–14077. (IF 2015 = 2.760)

Golovko, O., Kumar, V., Fedorova, G., Randak, T., Grabic R. 2014. Seasonal changes in antibiotics, antidepressants/ psychiatric drugs, antihistamines and lipid regulators in a wastewater treatment plant. Chemosphere 111: 418-426. (IF 2012 = 3.137)

Golovko, O., Kumar, V., Fedorova, G., Randák, T., Grabic, R., 2014. Removal and seasonal variability of selected analgesics/anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive/cardiovascular pharmaceuticals and UV filters in wastewater treatment plant. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21: 7578–7585. (IF 2012 = 2.618)

Fedorova, G., Randák, T., Golovko, O., Kodes, V., Grabicova, K., Grabic, R., 2014 A passive sampling method for detecting analgesics, psycholeptics, antidepressants and illicit drugs in aquatic environments in the Czech Republic. Science of the Total Environment 487: 681-687. (IF 2012 = 3.258)

Fedorova, G., Golovko, O., Randák, T., Grabic, R., 2014. Storage effect on the analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in wastewater. Chemosphere 111: 55–60. (IF 2012 = 3.137)