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One Health workshop at SLU

Published: 02 October 2018
Green spheres with outgrowths float against a dark surface, illustration.

October 2nd, fifty researchers representing all four faculties at SLU gathered at Loftet to find common ground within the area of One Health, and to discuss new interdisciplinary research possibilities .

The workshop was organized by interdisciplinary research platform SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health and the purpose was to strengthen the One Health network at SLU and to facilitate new research collaborations.

Dr Laurie Denyer Willis, a medical anthropologist from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was invited as keynote speaker to inspire thoughts on interdisciplinary One Health collaborations. Dr Denyer Willis' research is connected to urban and political ecologies of health and disease in postcolonial landscapes.

The area of One Health from an SLU perspective was introduced by Sofia Boqvist, Dept of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health, and shorter presentations by SLU researchers Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Dept Economics, Sara Persson, Dept Clinical Sciences, and Peter Lundqvist, Dept of Work Science, gave nice examples of research currently performed at SLU.

Moderator Anna Lehrman, Department of Crop Production, used a mentimeter system to collect information on methods and research areas represented in the room. The result is shown by the word cloud below.

A word cloud with words related to animal welfare, illustration.

The final and most important part of the day was group discussions on new potential research collaborations. Using the same mentimeter system participants sent in topics for group discussions during the day. Discussions were held in groups of 5 to 10 persons and the results were collected in prepared paper forms. A synthesis will be sent out to all participants to give an overview of the ideas that came forward during the day.

Participants were also invited to join in on a Vinnova application regarding a competence center for one health placed at SLU. Contact for this application is Sofia Boqvist, Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health.  

The day was hosted by the interdisciplinary research platform SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health, and was a first step in a series of activities to strengthen the One Health area at SLU. Connected future arrangements are open for all interested.


What is One Health?

One Health is a collective term that describes the interaction between animal health, human health and ecosystem health. An important part of One Health is diseases that affect both humans and animals and our common need for effective antibiotics.