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Call for Ideas: Collaborate outside and inside SLU Landscape

Published: 06 October 2020
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The aim of this year's Call for Ideas is to stimulate transdisciplinary collaboration, expand and maintain network within the landscape field, update the current state of knowledge and identify future visions and trends.

CFI 2020/2021 opens up the idea of collaborating with actors outside SLU. Take a chance to spread and extend your network outside and inside SLU. Up to 200 000 SEK will be equally distributed to support four project proposals.

What form might these proposals take?

Maybe your group wants to gain insight into a new good technical solution, test out interdisciplinary methods or experience a well- functioning place. The project should support ongoing work or begin to shape something new. 

For your project proposal to be eligible for CFI funding, your team must:

  • Include at least 3 people from at least 2 SLU landscape units (SOL, LAPF, AEM, Movium, Urban Futures). If you like, invite an extern collaborator.
  • Formulate an implementation plan.
  • Concretize activities that add value to SLU Landscape.

What does a team need to include in their proposal?

ENGAGEMENT- list of the participants and their regular workplaces. Within SLU, also their main SLU activity, for e.g., research / teaching, w/dept,  and campus location.

IMPLEMENTATION- provide an activity plan on time-line until August 2021; outline action step/tasks and preliminary budget. Identify a primary contact

RESULT- List concrete outcomes for SLU Landscape and team members that comes from realizing this idea. Also, identify immediate and long-term values.

Where do we send the proposal, and by when?

Email completed English proposals (2-page max) to before 20 November 2020.

Proposals are assessed on team mix, action plan feasibility, proposed impacts, and relevance to SLU Landscape’s mission to build upon existing resources for the benefit of all SLU Landscape members.

They are reviewed by the SLU Landscape Steering group: Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin (LAPF), Lars Johansson (SOL, Chair), Bruno Santesson (SOL/LA), Caroline Dahl (Movium), Lisa Diedrich (Urban Futures Platform), Caroline Hägerhäll, (AEM) assisted by Maria Wisselgren


Call for Ideas 2020/2021 poster (pdf)


Full timeline

CFI 2020 Launch   5 October 2020

Submission due   20 November 2020

Announcement of Winners  11 December 2020

Kick off project meetings   January 2021

CFI Workshops   April 2021 (Spring SLU Landscape days)

Final reporting/accounting   September 2021

Public CFI project outcomes presentation ECLAS/ LA Education 50 years 2021


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