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Temple Grandin Honorary Doctor at SLU

Published: 23 September 2009

Professor Temple Grandin receives Honorary Doctorate at SLU.

Professor Temple Grandin is well known for her research in the field of animal behavior. She works at the Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Col., USA.

She has also been a consultant to the US meat industry. About half of the livestock slaughtered in the United States and in Canada pass through abattoirs that she has designed with animal welfare in focus. This certification of animal welfare is now often used as a sales pitch for ”animal friendly” meat products in Northern America.

Temple Grandin was born with autism, a fact that has influenced her method for understanding animal behavior. She thinks in images, not in words, and claims that animals think in the same way. This is also the theme of her best-selling book Animals in Translation, published in 2005. She is also the author of The Way I See It, Animals Make Us Human, Labelled Autistic and Humane Livestock Handling. These books deal with Temple Grandin´s autism, and how it has influenced her research and her views on how to improve animal welfare.

Through the years, Temple Grandin has been awarded for her work by animal rights organizations as well as the meat industry. On October 3, 2009, Professor Grandin will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden, for her efforts to improve animal welfare