Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Plant Biology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

2016 Publications

  • Genome analysis of the sugar beet pathogen Rhizoctonia solani AG2-2IIIB revealed high numbers in secreted proteins and cell wall degrading enzymes (2016) Wibberg D, Andersson L, Tzelepis G, Rupp O, Blom J, Jelonek L, Pühler A, Fogelqvist J, Varrelmann M, Schlüter A, Dixelius C
    BMC Genomics 17:245
  • Phytophthora infestans Argonaute 1 binds microRNA and small RNAs from effector genes and transposable elements (2016) Åsman AKM, Fogelqvist J, Vetukuri RR, Dixelius C
    New Phytologist doi: 10.1111/nph.13946
  • Parental epigenetic asymmetry of PRC2-mediated histone modifications in the Arabidopsis endosperm (2016) Moreno-Romero J, Jiang H, Santos-González J, Köhler C
    EMBO Journal e201593534
  • BRR2a Affects Flowering Time via FLC Splicing (2016) Mahrez W, Shin J, Muñoz-Viana R, Figueiredo DD, Trejo-Arellano MS, Exner V, Siretskiy A, Gruissem W, Köhler C, Hennig L
    PLoS Genetics e1005924
  • H3K36ac Is an Evolutionary Conserved Plant Histone Modification That Marks Active Genes (2016) Mahrez W, Arellano MS, Moreno-Romero J, Nakamura M, Shu H, Nanni P, Köhler C, Gruissem W, Hennig L
    Plant Physiology 170:1566-1577
  • Silencing in sperm cells is directed by RNA movement from the surrounding nurse cell (2016) Martínez G,  Panda K, Köhler C, Slotkin RK
    Nature Plants 2:16030
  • Overexpression of PaHAP3A stimulates differentiation of ectopic embryos on maturing somatic embryos of Norway spruce (2016) Uddenberg D, Abrahamsson M, von Arnold S
    Tree Genetics & Genomes 12:18
  • WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX 2 is importants for protoderm and suspensor development in the gymnosperm Norway spruce (2016) Zhu T, Moschou PN, Alvarez JM, Sohlberg JJ, von Arnold S
    BMC Plant Biology 16:19
  • MSI1 functions in a HDAC complex to fine-tune ABA signaling (2016) Mehdi S, Derkacheva M, Ramström M, Kralemann L, Bergquist J, Hennig L
    Plant Cell pii: TPC2015-00763-RA. (Epub ahead of print)

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