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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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School for Forest Management

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Welcome to the School for Forest Management!

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Our campus is located in Skinnskatteberg in south-central Sweden, 180 km NW of Stockholm. Here forestry education has been provided  since 1944, with the objective to meet society’s increased needs for operational manager training in Sweden.
The School for Forest Management rests on four major pillars of activities:  the BSc programme in forest management, international co-operation, in-service training, and applied interdisciplinary research on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). Other main fields of expertise are rural development, forest governance, landscape planning,pedagogical methodologies, curriculum development and institutional capacity building.





The education is regularly revised to meet changing sector and society needs. The broad view on forests for production, rural development and environment is kept. Forest operations regain an increased focus, i.e. wood flows, logistics and road construction & maintenance. The discipline is widened with e.g. new infrastructures for sustainable forest management and wood fibre for energy purposes. New methodologies and technologies in forest management is reflected with the use of software and GIS applications


Forest Landscape and Society is one field of research, Bioenergy is another.

Bioenergy based on woody biomass is an energy source that is growing in importance as the energy system gradually is transformed away from fossil fuels in a more sustainable direction. Bioenergy is a new field of research at the School for Forest Management, with focus on the technical and economical systems supporting the development of bioenergy in modern society. In particular, the rapid growth of international trade in biomass-based fuels is being studied

International Cooperation 

Co-operation and exchange with educational establishments outside Sweden is a tradition at the School for Forest Engineers. International co-operation is of great strategic importance for continuously follow development trends of Sustainable Forest Management in different countries. International co-operation also provides (1) competence development among staff, (2) global outlooks to the students and (3) contributes to making a stimulating working environment for staff and students.

Forest Management programme

The BSc programme in Forest Management is given in the Swedish language

Some courses are given in English

Trade and marketing of wood products, 22,5 credits
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European Bioenergy Markets, 5 credits
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