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Carl-Johan Lagerkvist

Carl-Johan Lagerkvist
Carl Johans research deals with consumer preferences and behavior; choice analysis; behavioral decision making; risk analysis; willingness to pay; agricultural finance; and animal welfare economics.


Carl Johan Lagerkvist is Head of Department of Economics at SLU since 2008. He is also Professor of Business Economics at the Department since 2010. Carl Johan received his PhD in Agricultural Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 1999 and became Associate Professor in 2007. Carl Johan is Editor for the European Review of Agricultural Economics. He is also on the editorial board of Food Quality and Preference.

Ongoing research projects deals with:
Consumer valuation, preferences and risk assessment of food products
* Valuing food safety in a developing-country context
* Using behavioral approaches to understand farmer’s decisions and choices
* Integrating psychology and economics – relating behavior to personality and managerial action
* Urbanization: food security, resilience in agricultural production and land use.

Selected publications

Publications during 2018 (please see the link below for full details):

Sven Ove Hansson, Per Åman, Wulf Becker, Dirk-Jan De Koning, Carl Johan Lagerkvist, Ingrid Larsson, Anna Lehrman, Ulf Risérus, and Sten Stymne (2018). Breeding for Public Health: A Strategy. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 80, 131-140.


Lagerkvist, C.J., Okello, J.J., Adekambi, S.A., Kwikiriza, N., Abidin, E.P., & Carey, E. (2018). Goal-setting and volitional behavioural change: Results from a school meals intervention with vitamin-A biofortified sweetpotato in Nigeria. Appetite, 129, 113-124.


Goding, L., Andersson-Franko, M., & Lagerkvist, C.J. (2018). Preferences for bio jet fuel in Sweden: The case of business travel from a city airport. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 29, 60-69.


Mwende Mutiso, J., Okello, J.J., Lagerkvist, C.J., Muoki, P., Kosura W.O., & Heck, S. (2018). Effect of nutrition education and psychosocial factors on child feeding practices: Findings of a field experiment with biofortified foods and different women categories. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 57(4), 346-371.


Lagerkvist, C.J., Tei Mensah, J., & Amuakwa Mensah, F. (2018). How consumer confidence in food safety practices along the food supply chain determines food handling practices: Evidence from Ghana. Food Control 93, 265-273.


Engelman, M., Lagerkvist, C.J; Gren, I-M. (2018). Hunters’ trade-off in valuation of different game animals in Sweden.  Forest Policy and Economics, 92, 73-81.


Hoffmann, R., Lagerkvist, C.J., Hagberg Gustavsson, M., & Ström Holst, B. (2018). An empirical examination of the conceptualization of treasured companions.  BMC Psychology 6:15,


Okello, J.J., & Lagerkvist, C.J. (2018). Farmers' motivations to invest in quality seed are gender specific: Evidence from the analysis of demand for disease-free seed potato using means-end chain theory with goal priming. British Food Journal, 120(7), 1430-1445.


Eriksson, M., Ghosh, R., Hansson, E., Basnet, S., Lagerkvist, C.J. (2018). Environmental consequences of introducing genetically modified soy feed in Sweden. Journal of Cleaner Production, 176, 46-53.


Hoffman, R., Lagerkvist, C.J., Ström Holst, B., & Hagberg Gustavsson, M. (2018). An economic perspective on the value of cats and dogs. Society and Animals, 26(1) doi: 10.1163/15685306-12341494.





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Professor at the Department of Economics; Decision-making and Managerial Behavior
Telephone: 018-671783
Postal address:
Institutionen för ekonomi, Box 7013
75007 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls hus, Ulls väg 27, 756 51 Ultuna, Uppsala