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Johan Månsson

Johan Månsson
My main research interest is within the classical field of factors explaining differences in spatial distribution and foraging patterns of animals, from a small spatial level (e.g. foraging site) to a landscape level. My model organisms have mainly been moose, red deer, wild boar, wolf, common crane, whooper swan and several species of geese.


The foraging patterns of an animal is the results of its decisions about where and what to eat. These decisions may affect the animal's fitness, ecosystem processes and human use of natural resources. Thus, knowledge about animal foraging and distribution patterns is important in both ecology and wildlife management. I aim to have an applied approach with a strong connection between research and stakeholders. Many of the wildlife species within my fields (wildlife conflicts, forestry and agriculture) are increasing such as geese, cranes, wild boar, deer species and wolves and I predict an increased need of knowledge to resolve human-wildlife conflicts in the near future.

Selected publications

Scientific publications 2012-2016

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Researcher at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Wildlife Ecology Unit
Telephone: +46581697325
Postal address:
Inst. för Ekologi, Viltskadecenter
Visiting address: Viltskadecenter, Grimsö forskningsstation, Grimsö 152, Grimsö