Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

We are assessing the changes in environmental conditions in Swedish lakes and watercourses, and the underlying causes. Our work includes environmental monitoring and assessment, research, teaching, and laboratory analyses.

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Our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is certified according to ISO14001!

This implies that we have assessed our environmental impact, and that we are systematically working to reduce our negative impact on the environment and increase our positive impact.

Data host for inland waters

We have a mission from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management to be data host for data collected from inland waters within the national and regional environmental monitoring programs, as well as coordinated recipient monitoring (SRK). Our mission is to assure the data quality, to store it, and to make it available for use.

The databases are at the present only available in Swedish. However, the databases are under a major reconstruction that includes a new enhanced webb application and availablity also in english.


2015-11-26 -  NonHazCity - Minimizing emissions of hazardous substances
New research project to minimize the emissions of hazardous substances in cities within the Baltic Sea area
2015-11-25 -  Grant to the department for projects about DNA in environmental monitoring, restoration of fish populations and organic pollutants
Three researchers from the department have received grants from the foundation Stiftelsen Oscar och Lili Lamms Minne.
2015-11-23 -  Researcher from the department joins the research organization Resilience Alliance
David Angeler, researcher at the department, has been invited to join the research organization Resilience Alliance.
2015-11-23 -  Researcher from the department appears on nature show on Swedish television
Frauke Ecke, researcher at the department, will participate in an episode of Swedish nature show “Mitt i naturen”.
2015-11-09 -  Beaver ponds boost mercury levels downstream
Research from the department shows that new beaver ponds can cause levels of methylmercury to increase in downstream waters.

Research and Environmental Assessment

Our work seeks to describe, evaluate and inform about the status of the environment, how that status changes over time, and the causes of those changes. Most of the work is focused on assessing, in a catchment perspective, the aquatic ecosystem in lakes and streams. The department's efforts to define natural variability and better detect human influence are advancing our knowledge of how the environment varies in space and time. The breadth of expertise in the department allows for an interdisciplinary approach to the relation of water quality and the biota, as well as the coupling of catchment soils and land use to the situation in the aquatic environment. The environmental fate of organic pollutants and their effects on biota is another specialty.

Our analytical laboratories

We are mainly working with sampling and analyses of lakes and watercourses. Additionally, due to our tight coupling to the researchers at the department we can also offer highly skilled assessments of the results. All of our analytical laboratories are accredited by SWEDAC for analyses and sampling of chemical compounds and biological species composition in inland waters.


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