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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Department of Ecology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Welcome to the Department of Ecology


Comprehensive knowledge of species ecology and ecosystem functions is the foundation of sustainable forestry and agriculture. Within the ecology department we conduct both empirical and theoretical research that can provide knowledge for efficient conservation, efficacious plant protection as well as sustainable forest and crop production.

We study the influence of climate change on soil, plants, and animals. Solutions are sought that will preserve threatened species, benefit biological diversity, and control pests. These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature. Populations, communities, and ecosystems are central concepts.     

Our goal is pursued through our research, educational programs and outreach activities. Basic research is a strong element of the department’s activities, but at the same time most of the research has strong ties to important applications and societal questions. International collaboration is an integral part of departmental activities.    



2014-12-17 -  "Challenge the abuse of science in setting policy"
The misuse of wolf research by Swedish politicians should be a warning to all biodiversity science, says Guillaume Chapron in a column in the scientific magazine Nature. He is a researcher at the department...
2014-12-12 -  Book on climate-smart landscapes
At the climate change conference in Lima, Peru (COP 20) a new book were presented, "Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice". Researchers at SLU have contributed to the book.
2014-12-03 -  PhD course in Kenya gave new perspectives on biodiversity
For Matt Hiron and Diana Rubene a PhD course in Kenya gave new perspectives, including how biodiversity can be perceived in different ways depending on the situation.
2014-11-13 -  How important are farmland birds as ecosystem service providers?
Small-scale studies suggest that birds provide an Ecosystem Services via regulating important crop pest populations through the consumption of weed seeds and invertebrates. However, evidence of the extent...
2014-11-13 -  The Swedish Species Gateway will be used for evaluating effects of wetland restorations
By using the large amounts of voluntarily reported citizen science data from the Swedish Species Gateway Tomas Pärt at the department of Ecology and his colleagues will for the first time be able to fully...


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