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Senast ändrad: 19 september 2017

CBC samverkar externt med många olika intressenter för hållbara bekämpningsmetoder utanför SLU. Det är viktigt för oss att ha kontakt med såväl myndigheter som företag, intresseorganisationer och andra forskningsinstitut.


– I enjoy working with the CBC, the fact that the different kingdoms of life are considered together as well as the activities of different groups working with multiple and complementary skills. Although more directly involved in the biological control of plant pathogenic fungi, I appreciate that they are in a systems approach.

Christian Steinberg, INRA (Frankrike)


– I like the close link between cutting edge research, stakeholder organizations, government agencies and industry. This makes the CBC an ideal platform for the implementation of the latest strategies in biological control.

Michael Traugott, University of Innsbruck, Austria



– Ingvar Sundh’s research in CBC with new strategies and methodology for assessing safety of biocontrol agents is respected worldwide. His work has great importance for risk assessment of microbial pesticides and biocides. His cooperation with regulatory issues like, developing new criteria for plant protection products with low risk in the expert group at the EU Commission, is greatly appreciated.

Birte Fonnesbech Vogel, Principal Scientific adviser at Danish Environmental Protection Agency






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