Adam Ekholm

Adam Ekholm
Adam Ekholm is postdoctoral researcher interested in insect and forest ecology. In his research, Adam has specifically focused on understanding i) how climate change influence species interactions and interaction networks, and ii) how different types of forest management (uneven-aged vs. even-aged silviculture) influence both biodiversity and growth/yield.


During my PhD, I studied how plant-insect interactions respond to changes in temperature. More specifically, I focused on how timing of bud burst and leaf senescence of the common oak Quercus robur influenced insects herbivores associated with Q. robur. I found that temperature-induced changes in both bud burst and leaf senescence had an impact on the herbivore community. For one outbreaking herbivore, the leaf-mining moth Acrocerops brongniardellus, timing of bud burst had a large impact on infestation levels – where oaks with an early bud burst escaped infestation while later oaks did not.

In my current position as a postdoc, I examine how uneven-aged silviculture influence biodiversity, forest growth and tree regeneration. I intend to identify potential synergies or trade offs between the two management strategies (even-aged and uneven-aged silviculture). The project is a part of the strategic research collaboration with Stora Enso.


I graduated from the master program in Biology at Uppsala University in 2014. After that I worked in the field for the The Swedish National Forest Inventory. In 2016, I started a PhD in insect ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. I finished my PhD in July 2020 and started to work as a postdoc in the same year at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Publikationer i urval

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