Dietrich von Rosen

Dietrich von Rosen


Dietrich von Rosen                                                           2017-04-01

Börjesonsvägen 5, SE-168 50 Bromma, Sweden                                                   

Telephone office: +46 (0)18 672025, Mobile +46 (0) 707740646                          

Skype address: Dietrich.von.Rosen                                                                           

Postal address office: Energy and Technology, SLU, Box 7032, SE-750 07 Uppsala


Academic degrees

Bachelor of Science, Stockholm University  1980

Doctor of Philosophy, Stockholm University. Subj: Mathematical Statistics 1986       

Thesis: Multivariate Linear Normal Models with Special References to the Growth Curve Model (supervisor: prof. Bengt von Bahr).                 

Docent, Stockholm University 1990


July 1, 1998-  Professor in Statistics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Nov 1, 2009- & Adj Professor 20% in Mathematical Statistics, Linköping University

1990-1998  Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics, Uppsala University

1985-1990  Assistant professor in Mathematical Statistics, Stockholm University

1983-1985  Research assistant, Stockholm University                                   

1978-1983  Research assistant, Karolinska Institute


Honorary Doctor, Tartu University, Estonia, 2014


18 undergraduate (master) theses in MathematicalStatistics                                       

21 Ph.Lic. theses in Statistics/MathematicalStatistics/Biometry                                  

16 Ph.D theses in Statistics/Mathematical Statistics/Biometry


2 books

>100 publications (peer reviewed) (80% are theoretical contributions and the rest applications of statistics in different areas).  For details see profile in Google Scholar

Professional activities (selection)

Associate editor of Acta et Commentationes Universitatis Tartuensis de Mathematica, 2003-    

Associate editor of Statistical Papers, 2007-    

Associate editor of Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2009-   

Associate editor of Discussiones Mathematicae, Probability and Statistics, 2016-

Organizer of international conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. (selection)

Organizer of a one-day conference in biostatistics at Karolinska Institute, 1989

Coorganizer of FMS jubilee meeting, Uppsala, October 23-24, 1997

Organizer of summer school in biostatistics in Umeå, June, 1999 

Organizer of course "High-dimensional Data and Image Analysis" Joint course VISIT – NTM, August 5-6, 1999                

Organizer of ISI satellite meeting in Uppsala on Image Analyses, August, 1999  

Coorganizer of faculty day at SLU, November 2000

Coorganizer of Nordic summer school in Sigtuna, "Modeling and Analysis of Biological Processes and Systems", June, 2002         

Organizer of Nordic summer school in Umeå on "Pattern Recognition in high Dimensional Data and Complex Structures", June, 2004 

Organizer of an international 2 weeks workshop on the Wishart distribution in Sigtuna, June, 2004

Organizer of an international conference on matrices and statistics in Uppsala (IWMS2006), June 13-17, 2006                

Organizer and 50% lecturing CASCADE course at Karolinska Institute in "Statistics in Risk Assessment focusing on Dose Response Modelling", November 12-16, 2007

Organizer of Nordic summer school in Umeå on "Bootstrap Methods and Their Applications", June 15-27, 2008                

Coorganizer of conference NEUROMATH, Stockholm, September 13-14, 2008

Organizer of workshop within the project "Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics with Focus on Modelling Subsystems of the Baltic Sea and Arctic Regions" Linköping, May 20-21, 2010       

Coorganizer of workshop within the project "Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics with Focus on Modelling Subsystems of the Baltic Sea and Arctic Regions" Helsinki, August 25-27, 2010     

Organizer of workshop on High-dimensional Analysis, Jönköping, February 16-17, 2012                                                                 

Coorganizer of LINSTAT 2014 conference, Linköping, Sweden August 24--28, 2014  

Organizing Topic-Contributed session "Analysis with Kronecker product structured covariance matrices" at the Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) in Boston, August 2-7, 2014

Organizer of session "Mixed linear models with applications to small area estimation" at CFE-CMStatistics, London, 16-18 December, 2017

Coorganizer of faculty day at SLU, September, 2014

Places where an invited paper has been presented

Lodz 1986, 1990, Tartu 1991, 2012 (Estonian Statistical Society), Poznan 1993, 2004, Calcutta 1994, 2012, 2013, 2015, Södertälje (Astra meeting) 1995, Oberwohlfach 1995, Montreal 1995, Umeå Winter conference (1 week course) 1996, Bowling Green 1996, Lahti 1996, Göteborg (FMS, 3 days course) 1996, Montreal 1997, 2006, Mysore 1998, Göteborg 1999 (2 times), Toronto 1999, Mobile 1999, Antalya 2001, Madras 2002, Portland 2003, Pihla 2004, Hong Kong 2005, Sfax 2005, Sousse 2008, Tomar 2006, 2008, 2010, Kochin 2006, Bedlewo 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, Shanghai 2007, 2010, 2015, Moscow 2007, Compiegne 2008, Paris 2010, Smolenice 2011, Umeå 2012, Greensboro 2012, 2014, Vilnius 2014, Haikou 2015, Coimbra 2015, Istanbul 2016, Sevilla 2016, Kigali 2017.

Professor vid Institutionen för energi och teknik; Biometri och systemanalys
Telefon: 018-672025
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Besöksadress: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala