Emily Wade

Emily Wade


I have been engaged in the profession of Landscape Architecture for twenty years. My passion for processes, people and places brought me to the Landscape architecture programme in Ultuna, Alnarp and Newcastle in the 1990-ies. From the very beginning, large-scale landscapes enticed me. I realized that the context of planning and designing infrastructure could provide an arena for working with complex issues, major constructions and natural processes. In my professional, career I have had the opportunity to specialize in three fields:

·        Cultural heritage projects from the city scale down to the details and careful restauration of historical sites, such as churchyards. In understanding the stories, the historic elements and the need for adaptation for new uses, heritage projects provides an approach to sustainable development.

·        Strategic tools for mapping, assessing, planning and designing urban green. In close cooperation with the city of Stockholm I have developed strategic guidelines for parks and recreational areas, methods for assessing public space, and green infrastructure plans, to mention a few.

·        Transport infrastructure projects including research and developing methods for Landscape Character Assessment for infrastructure. Many of the practical projects include planning and designing roads and railways. Since 2010 I have also developed and disseminated the knowledge of transport architecture through lectures and publications.

Alongside teaching at SLU I have ongoing projects at Landskapslaget, and have also been engaged in board and academy work for Architects Sweden and IFLA, the International Federation of Landscape Architects. For more than five years I was involved in a practical research project called Landscape in long term spatial planning.  My field of research has been to work with methodologies to assess the landscape and enhance it, while planning for transport infrastructure. My focus has been to establish a transdisciplinary approach in  order to acquire knowledge about the landscape. By doing so, we can seek out the potential to develop a transport infrastructure, that adapts to, and enhances, the landscape. The publication Landscape As An Arena – Integrated Landscape Character Assessment – Method Description concludes the methodology in English.


Teacher on bachelor and master level at the department of Landscape architecture, plannings and management+ Department of Urban and Rural Development. Focus landscape character assessment, large scale structures, transport infrastructure and timedepth.

Examinator for masters students

Publikationer i urval

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Professor, adjungerad vid Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning
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