Emma Sandell Festin

Emma Sandell Festin
PhD project: Towards Green Economy Development in Zambia: Forest Restoration on mining wastelands.


Mining generates a vast amount of waste rocks, overburden materials and tailings, that remain un-vegetated for extended period of time. Heavy metal pollution is one of the main environmental problems in post-mining landscapes, posing serious hazards to human health and agricultural productivity. Although green restoration technologies have advanced elsewhere, little information is available in Zambia. The project aims to develop restoration model for mining wastelands. Specifically the following research questions will be studied: a) Which native species in the Copperbelt region of Zambia are suitable for restoration of post-mining landscape?; b) Which organic amendments are efficient for sequestering heavy metals in situ and enhance growth performance of native species?; c) How do the soil amendments interact with the physiological response of metal tolerant species and d) Which planting method will ensure better survival and growth performances of native species planted on amended mining wastelands? The project will generate basic and applied knowledge for developing restoration model, and will provide scientific evidence for decision-makers, environmental groups and the general public about pathways for reclamation of mining wastelands, thereby contributing towards the achievement of "Green Economy Development" goals.

Supervisor: Per-Christer Odén, Mulualem Tigabu, Stephen Syampungani, Liu Aiqin, Thomas Moritz.


Tropical and Subtropical Silviculture, 15 hp. I have a few lectures in this course and assist on the study trip.


Prior to my appointment as a PhD student at SLU, I studied to Jägmästare in both Umeå and Alnarp, focusing on forest management and ecology, it was in the end of my studies that I became interested in tropical forestry. I wrote my master thesis on converting spruce dominated forest into broadleaved forests.
Prior to my PhD studies I worked as an research and development intern for Stora Enso in Laos, focusing on eucalyptus and to some extent acacia plantations.

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