Gabriela Olmos Antillón

Gabriela Olmos Antillón


Keen to understand the factors related to animals and the animal community health & welfare. Thus, my research includes a mixed methodology (i.e. qualitative and quantitative research components) to maximise insight into not only the identification of risk factors around health and welfare problems but as well gain insight into the social perceptions or barriers of farmers and animal health consultants.

Current projects:

A) Antimicrobial use in Swedish Dairy Herds (Research assistant: to objective "A" of project Antibiotics in organic dairy herds

B) Factors associated with morbidity, mortality and growth of lactating dairy calves, Southern Brazil

C) Animal Welfare? A Necessary Component for the Sustainability of the Brazilian Dairy Industry


I am a veterinarian graduated from Universidad de La Salle (México), with an MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD from University College Dublin and Teagasc Institute through work related to beef cattle temperament and dairy cattle health and welfare in pasture based systems, respectively. Also, worked as a clinician and technical advisor for rural dairy cattle herdsmen, as well as an educational manager in a zoo. My more recent work involved veterinary epidemiology support as the evaluation of the social impact of five projects in animal health had on the farmer and veterinary community engaged in the South West of England.


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