Helena Nordh

Helena Nordh
For several years, I have been involved in different research projects around urban outdoor environments. Being a landscape architect, I have a particular interest in green spaces. I have studied how they are used, perceived, and their importance to public health. One, very specific type of green space, which has caught my research interest, is the cemetery. As a result, I am now employed as research at SLU in the HERA funded project Cemeteries and crematoria as public spaces of belonging in Europe; a study of migrant and minority cultural inclusion, exclusion, and integration.


In 2006 I started my research career. First as a research assistant at SLU Alnarp. Shortly after, I moved to Norway to begin a PhD at NMBU. In 2010, I defended my thesis entitled Restorative components of small urban parks. I continued at NMBU with teaching and research, since 2017 as professor in landscape planning. In 2018, I moved to Sweden with my family, but I still hold a 10% position as NMBU. I have been partner in several interdisciplinary research projects, which has resulted in numerous scientific publications, of which some are presented below. 


Ongoing research projects:

Publikationer i urval

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