Hernán Capador

Hernán Dario Capador-Barreto
How can we use genetics to improve forest health?


I am a PhD student working in the genetics of disease resistance in Norway spruce together with Malin Elfstrand (main supervisor), Jan Stenlid and Pär Ingvarsson. Previously I studied Biology and Industrial Microbiology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia and then came to Sweden for MSc in Plant Biology at SLU in Uppsala.


My research interest is focused on how genetic variation shapes tree-pathogen interactions. I believe trees are interesting in this regard because they are long lived and need to employ smart strategies to survive attacks over the course of many years. Furthermore, tree pathogens are currently a threat to natural ecosystems and commercial tree plantations worldwide. Hence, the aim of my project is to understand the genetic basis of disease resistance in Norway spruce using classic quantitative genetics, population genetics, genomics and transcriptomics. The results will be hopefully incorporated into the Swedish Norway spruce breeding program and translate into healthier forest stands in the future.


Doktorand vid Institutionen för skoglig mykologi och växtpatologi; Avdelningen för skoglig patologi
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