Isak Lodin

Isak Lodin


PhD project: Current versus Alternative Forest Management Practices in Southern Sweden

My PhD projected is conducted within the frames of ALTERFOR (“Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management”), a Horizon 2020 EU-project with nine participating countries. The project aims to examine the current forest management models (FMMs) in the participating countries and through a multi-actor approach develop alternatives to facilitate the provision of ecosystem services in a future characterized by climate change, global markets and an increasing demand for bioenergy. This is highly relevant considering the misfit between existing FMMs and the current and developing demand for ecosystem services, combined with future risks associated with climate change. In addition to my individual PhD project, I am working as the local case coordinator for the Swedish case study (Kronoberg County) in ALTERFOR.

My research is focused on the interface between forest policy and forest management in the small-scale forestry of southern Sweden. More specifically my research is geared towards: i)  examine the factors that underlie the current dominant forest management practices focused on Norway spruce, and ii) investigate barriers and opportunities for the future adaption of alternative forest management models.  



Reflective journal (corresponding to 30 % of the final course grade) and a lecture about forest owner typlogies.  Course: National and International Forest Policy, Euroforester masters programme, SLU Alnarp 2018

Reflective journal (grading and seminar), Course: National and International Forest Policy, Euroforester masters programme, SLU Alnarp 2017

Field excercise in silviculture of broadleaves, Course: Forest management, Agricultural bachelors programme, SLU Alnarp 2017.

Lecture, Nature conservation in Forest Management, Course: Forest management, Agricultural bachelors programme, SLU Alnarp 2016-2017




Master of Science: M.Sc., (Jägmästare), Forestry, 2016, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden

Master of Science: M.Sc., with a major in Forest Management, 2016, Euroforester Master´s program, SLU, Alnarp, Sweden

Bachelor of Science: B.Sc., Forest Science, 2014, SLU, Umeå, Sweden

Previous working experience in forestry:

Forest consultant, Swedish Forest Agency, Gotland, July-August 2013-2015

Forest inventory, Sveaskog, Lappland, June-August, 2012


Publikationer i urval

Lodin, I., Brukas, V., Wallin, I., 2017. Spruce or not? Contextual and attitudinal drivers behind the choice of tree species in Southern Sweden. Forest Policy and Economics 83, 191-198. Online version

Lodin, I., 2016. Choice of tree species in the aftermath of two major storms: a qualitative study of private forest owners in southern Sweden. Master thesis. Online version

Lodin, I., Blomquist, M., 2013. The moss layer increases the growth of Vaccinium Myrtillus. Bachelor thesis. Online version