Jeannette Eggers

Jeannette Eggers
I am a researcher in forest management planning and the program director for Forest Sustainability Analysis.


My research focuses on how to manage forests sustainably for the provision of multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity.

The program of Forest Sustainablity Analysis (SHa) is responsible for the management and further development of the Heureka forest decisison support system.


I teach in several courses, mainly on the use of the Heureka forest decision support system.


I am co-supervisor for five PhD students:

Teresa Lopez- Andujar Fustel who studies how to minimize the negative effects of climate change in forestry

Andreas Eriksson who studies the role of forestry in society’s transition towards bioeconomy under climate change

Mathias Kristoferqvist who studies uneven-aged forest management.

Anna Karlsson who studies the co-creation of forest management plans for better accomodation of owner needs and landscape perspective

Mateusz Grzeszkiewicz who develops growth models for continuous cover forestry

Publikationer i urval

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