Jonas Bååth

Jonas Bååth
Assistant Professor who studies the economic sociology of food and agriculture.


Jonas Bååth is an economic sociologist who studies the organisation of markets in agri-food industries and develops social theory of and through the social life of food. He teaches at the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp and is moreover affiliated to CIRCLE – Centre for Innovation Research at Lund University. He holds a doctorate in sociology from Uppsala University. His works have been published in outlets such as Journal of Rural Studies, Current Sociology, and Socio-Economic Review.


FÖ0471 – Environmental Economics & Management

LV0102 – Project Management for Innovation in Sustainable Food Systems

LB0116 – Hållbar matproduktion (Sustainable Food Production)


Bååth's main research interests intersects economic sociology, social anthropology and agri-food research. He seeks to further the understanding of how societies feed themselves, and especially the role and organisation of markets in food provisioning. Current projects study the organisation of markets for alternative foods in Reko-rings, the implementation of market regulation in alcohol service at Swedish restrauants, and the formation of socio-economic relations among restaurants and local food suppliers. His expertise morover includes social theories of economic activities and phenomena, and meat industry organisation and marketing, especially in Sweden.

The main motivation of Bååth's research is to contribute to a sustainable society by supplying fundamental social research that may help concerned actors to make expedient decisions, especially in cases that involve value conflicts of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Further areas of interest are the implementation of sociology in interdisciplinary research projects on food supply, ethnographic and textual methods, and the practical managemet of scarcity, abundance and sufficiency.

I am currently engaged in the project Alternative Food Markets: Promoting new models of food provisioning and consumption together with researchers at Lund University.


2019-22. Postdoc. Lund University.
2018-19. Senior lecturer. Linnaeus University.
2018. PhD. Sociology. Uppsala University.

Publikationer i urval

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Journal articles, refereed
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Book chapters, refereed
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Book chapters, research based
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Book chapters, textbooks
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Book reviews, academic
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