Karin Norrfors

Karin Norrfors

Publikationer i urval

Knapp Karin Norrfors, Rémi Marsac, Muriel Bouby, Stephanie Heck, Susanna Wold, Johannes Lützenkirchen, Thorsten Schäfer, Montmorillonite colloids: II. Colloidal size dependency on radionuclide adsorption, Applied Clay Science 123 (2016) 292–303

Henry, C., Norrfors, K.K., Olejnik, M., Bouby, M., Luetzenkirchen, J., Wold, S., Minier, J.-P, A refined algorithm to simulate latex colloid agglomeration at high ionic strength, Adsorption Volume 22, Issue 4-6, 1 May 2016, Pages 503-515

Knapp Karin Norrfors, Muriel Bouby, Stephanie Heck, Nicolas Finck, Rémi Marsac, Thorsten Schäfer, Horst Geckeis, Susanna Wold, Montmorillonite colloids: I. Characterization and stability of dispersions with different size fractions, Applied Clay Science 114 (2015) 179–189

Michael Holmboe, Knapp Karin Norrfors, Mats Jonsson, Susanna Wold, Effect of γ-radiation on radionuclide retention in compacted bentonite, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 80 (2011) 1371–1377

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