Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström
Marine ecologist with interest in coastal fish and marine food webs, human impacts, status indicators, tools and assessments to support the ecosystem-based approach


I am associate professor (Docent) at SLU Aqua, Institute of coastal research. I am recently back on full-time from the Baltic Sea Environment Commission, HELCOM where I lead the development of integrated status assessments and regional cumulative impact assessments in the Baltic Sea. I am coordinator of the SLU monitoring and assessment program Coastal and Sea Areas.

International networks and groups

ICES Working Group on Integrated Assessment of the Baltic Sea (WGIAB)

HELCOM Project for Baltic-wide assessment of coastal fish communities in support of an ecosystem based management (HELCOM FISH-PRO III)

ICES Working Group on Marine Benthal and Renewable Energy Developments (WGMBRED)

National networks and groups

SLU environmental monitoring and assessment program Coastal and Sea Areas

Scientific board for biodiversity and ecosystem services (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)


ECOCOA (Environmental compensation in coastal areas) - Swedish environmental Protection Agency 2018-2020 

Pan Baltic Scope - Cofunded by the European maritime and fisheries fund for the European Union 2018-2019

Integrated ecosystem analyses - Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management 2019-  

HELCOM HOLAS II (Second holistic assessment of the ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea) - Baltic Sea Environment Protection Commission 2015-2018


2011-ongoing: SLU Aqua, Institute of Coastal research, researcher  

2006-2011: Swedish Board of Fisheries, researcher and head of unit

2005-2006: Stockholm University, Department of Botany. Postdoctoral researcher

2005: PhD Umeå University, Sweden 

1997: MSc Åbo Akademi University, Finland  

Publikationer i urval

Recent scientific publications

  • Bryhn, A, P Kraufvelin, U Bergström, M Vretborn, L Bergström (2020) A model for disentangling dependencies and impacts among human activities and marine ecosystem services. Environmental management

  • Sundblad G, L Bergström, T Söderqvist, U Bergström (2019) Predicting the effects of eutrophication mitigation on predatory fish biomass and the value of recreational fisheries. Ambio

  • Karlson AML, E Gorokhova, A Gårdmark, Z Pekcan-Hekim, M Casini, J Albertsson, B Sundelin, O Karlsson, L Bergström (2019) Linking consumer physiological status to food-web structure and prey food value in the Baltic Sea. Ambio

  • Dannheim J, L Bergström, SNR Birchenough, R Brzana, AR Boon, JWP Coolen, JC Dauvin, I De Mesel, J Derweduwen, AB Gill, ZL Hutchison, AC Jackson, U Janas, G Martin, A Raoux, J Reubens, L Rostin, J Vanaverbeke, T A Wilding, D Wilhelmsson, S Degraer (2019) Benthic effects of offshore renewables: identification of knowledge gaps and urgently needed research. ICES Journal of Marine Science

  • Lehikoinen⁠ A, J Olsson, L Bergström, U Bergström, A Bryhn, R Fredriksson, L Uusitalo⁠ (2019) Evaluating complex relationships between ecological indicators and environmental factors in the Baltic Sea: A machine learning approach. Ecological indicators
  • Bergström L, M Karlsson, U Bergström, L Pihl, P Kraufvelin (2018) Relative impacts of fishing and eutrophication on coastal fish assessed by comparing a no-take area with an environmental gradient. Ambio 
  • Östman Ö, A Lingman, L Bergström, J Olsson (2016) Temporal development and spatial scale of coastal fish indicators in reference sites in the Baltic Sea: influence of anthropogenic and hydro-climate drivers. Journal of Applied Ecology 

  • Bergström L, U Bergström, J Olsson, J Carstensen (2016) Coastal fish indicators response to natural and anthropogenic environmental gradients –variability at temporal and different spatial scales. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 183: 62-72
  • Bergström L, M Karlsson, U Bergström, L Pihl, P Kraufvelin (2016) Distribution of mesopredatory fish determined by habitat variables in a predator-depleted coastal system. Marine Biology 163:201

  • Pekcan-Hekim Z, A Gårdmark, AML Karlson, P Kauppila, L Bergström (2016) The role of climate and fisheries on the temporal changes in the Bothnian Bay food web. ICES Journal of Marine Science

  • Bergström L, J Dainys, O Heikinheimo, E Jakubaviciute, E Kruze, A Lappalainen, L Lozys, A Minde, L Saks, R Svirgsden, K Ådjers, J Olsson (2016) Long term changes in the status of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 2016: 74-84

Recent reports

  • Ruskule, A, L. Bergström, J. Schmidtbauer Crona et al. (2019) Green Infrastructure Concept for MSP. Pan Baltic Scope Project.

  • Bergström, L.. A. Miloš, J. Haapaniemi, et al. (2019) Cumulative Impact Assessment for Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region. Pan Baltic Scope.

  • HELCOM (2018) Status of coastal fish communities in the Baltic Sea during 2011-2016 – the third thematic assessment. Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings 161 (J Olsson, R Naddafi, EJ Brown, A Lejk, S Smolinski, L Bergström)

  • HELCOM (2018) State of the Baltic Sea – Second HELCOM holistic assessment 2011-2016. Baltic Sea Environment. Proceedings 155 (L Bergström et al Eds)

  • HELCOM (2018) Economic and social analyses in the Baltic Sea region – HELCOM Thematic assessment 2011-2016. Available at:

  • HELCOM (2018) HELCOM Thematic assessment of eutrophication 2011-2016. Available at:

  • HELCOM (2018) HELCOM Thematic assessment of hazardous substances 2011-2016. Supplementary report to the ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ report. Available at:

  • HELCOM (2018) HELCOM thematic assessment of biodiversity 2011-2016. Available at:

  • HELCOM (2018) HELCOM Thematic assessment of cumulative impacts on the Baltic Sea 2011-2016. Available at:

  • Leonardsson K, Y Ericson, J Olsson, L Bergström (2016) Optimerad övervakning av fisk i kustvatten. Havs- och vattenmyndigheten rapport

  • Lindegarth M, J Carstensen, S Drakare, RK Johnson, A Nyström Sandman, A Söderpalm, SA Wikström (Eds) (2016)  Ecological Assessment of Swedish Water Bodies; development, harmonisation and integration of biological indicators. Final report of the research programme WATERS. WATERS report no 2016:10. Havsmiljöinstitutet, Sweden

  • ICES (2016) Report of the ICES/HELCOM Working Group on Integrated Assessments of the Baltic Sea (WGIAB), 18‐22 April 2016, Helsinki, Finland (Bergström L, L Uusitalo, M Lindegren, S Otto, Eds)

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