Magnus Huss

Magnus Huss


I currently lead for the following courses:

Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation

Fisheries ecology and aquatic resources  (Postgraduate course)

Kick-off your scientific writing (Postgraduate course)



My research focus on how individual development and body growth governs ecological dynamics in aquatic ecosystems. In particular, I am interested in the links between body size variation among individuals and the dynamics of the communities in which these individuals reside. I have worked in a wide array of study systems, ranging from lakes in Sweden and North-America to marine systems in the Baltic Sea. Methodological techniques include experiments, observations and mathematical modeling.

Many of the projects I am currently working on aims to add understanding about how interacting human pressures and climate change may impact aquatic resources and their responses to fishing, by linking physiological responses to community-level impacts. 

Specific study topics include:
  -  Implications of environmental gradients for coastal food-web processes
  -  Fish community responses to rising temperatures and darker waters
  -  Resource partitioning over life history in fish
  -  Size-dependent herring-salmon interactions and bioaccumulation of



Philip Jacobson 2015- Predator-prey interactions, salmon population dynamics and bioaccumulation

Renee Van Dorst 2016 – Fish community responses to rising temperatures and darker waters

Max Lindmark 2016- (co-supervisor) How trophic interactions mediate physiological responses to climate change

Viktor Thunell 2016 - (co-supervisor) Effects of warming and fishing on fish community dynamics

MsC students:

Ulrika Tollerz Bratteby 2018 - Baltic Salmon growth patterns at sea

Stephanie Koch 2019 - Fish community responses to browning

Former PhD students:

Ulrika Beier 2013-2016 (co-supervisor) Habitat selection and indirect interactions in fish communities

Publikationer i urval

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