Maria Yu

A PhD student with the Molecular Toxicology research group at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health


My research focuses on the use of bioanalytical methods as a tool to monitor drinking water safety and to better understand the toxicological profile of drinking water at the molecular level. Specifically, I use in vitro effect-based assays to study the presence of bioactive chemicals in drinking water and evaluate modern treatment techniques designed to remove chemicals hazards from the water. 


Supervision of student degree project, 60 credits, Master's Programme in Biology with specialization in Environmental Toxicology, Uppsala University


Johan Lundqvist, PhD, Associate Professor of Molecular Toxicology

Agneta Oskarsson, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Elin Lavonen, PhD, BioCell Analytica

Publikationer i urval

Yu, M., Lavonen, E., Oskarsson, A. et al. Removal of oxidative stress and genotoxic activities during drinking water production by ozonation and granular activated carbon filtration. Environ Sci Eur 33, 124 (2021).

Yu, M., Mapuskar, S., Lavonen, E., Oskarsson, A., McCleaf, P., Lundqvist, J. Artificial infiltration in drinking water production: Addressing chemical hazards using effect-based methods. Water Research, 221 (2022).