Mark Wales

Mark Wales
PhD student in landscape planning specialising in environmental psychology. I have a particular interest in children's and adolescents' interactions in and with the outdoor environment and the outdoor environment's role as an arena for children's and youth's well-being.


PhD project - Adolescent outdoor life and well-being

The overarching aim of my PhD project is to understand the importance of the outdoor environment for adolescent well-being. To answer this question the study has three key aims. Firstly, the study aims to investigate how adolescents use and perceive the outdoor environment in their everyday lives. Secondly, the study aims to identify and understand possible links between the outdoor environment and adolescents' well-being. Thirdly, the study aims to do this over the course of three years in order to see how these relationships might change. Underlying the study is the hypothesis that there is a positive relationship between adolescents’ outdoor life and their well-being.

The research questions are as follows:

1.  How do adolescents use and perceive outdoor spaces?

2. What are the associations between adolescents’ relationship with outdoor environments and their well-being?

3. What aspects of adolescents’ relationship to outdoor environments are associated with their well-being?

4. What role does adolescents’ mobile phone use play in their outdoor lives?

5. What characterises adolescents’ relationship with places and activities which are associated with adolescents’ well-being?

6. What processes in adolescents’ relationship with outdoor environments are associated with adolescents’ well-being?


I am part of the SLU research and teaching group Children and Landscape (BoL), as well as co-ordinator for the national network Barn, Unga och Byggd miljö (BUB).


I have a Bachelor's degree in Town & Country Planning from the University of Manchester and a Master's in Landscape Architecture from SLU.

I also have several years experience working in preschools and primary schools in Malmö.


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