Minh-Xuân Truong

Minh-Xuan Truong
I am a conservation scientist, working at the crossroads of ecology, environmental and conservation psychology. My work focuses on the study of human experiences of nature and their consequences on environmental knowledge, the construction of their identity and their pro-environmental behaviour. To do so, I adopt an interdisciplinary approach, combining qualitative and quantitative protocols from the humanities and natural sciences.


I am a conservation scientist, born and raised near Paris, France. After studies in biology and ecology, I specialized in naturalist expertise, with a focus on botany. I had the chance to spend more than a year in one of the last wild frontiers, on the Possession Island, Crozet archipelago, in the French Southern Territories, where I studied the impact of global warming on endemic and invasive plant and insect populations. Upon my return, my vision of the world and environmental issues had changed considerably, and I wanted to change the focus of my scientific questioning, to put the human in the system. This is where I began my journey into interdisciplinary questioning, halfway between the natural sciences and the human and social sciences. 



I have a background in Ecology and in Botany. I have been a research engineer, a PhD student and a postdoctoral fellow at the Center of Ecology and Conservation Sciences (Museum of Natural History, Paris).

I have also been a field assistant for the University Rennes 1, France, for which I spent a 13-months mission on Possession Island, Crozet Archipelago, French Southern Lands. 

I won the IV Premio Rocío Martín Herreros de Investigación en Psicología Ambiental in June 2017 at the XIVth Congress of Environmental Psychology PSICAMB in Evora, Portugal. 

Publikationer i urval

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