Pia Nilsson

Pia Nilsson
Associate Professor/docent and senior lecturer in economics


My research is focused on productivity analyses in developing (Rwanda, Ethiopia) and developed country contexts, regional economic growth and convergence and economic analyses related to diversification, knowledge diffusion and technology adoption. Current research involves interdisciplinary collaborations to analyse economic outcomes linked to functionally diverse cropping systems, productive responses linked to local ecosystem functions and knowledge intensive production systems (Formas 2020-01072).     


Teaching: Production Economics (FÖ0476), Sustainability Perspectives (HU0001), Nationalekonomiska perspektiv på jordbruk och miljö (NA0188).


Research projects: 

Economic effects of adoption to agroecological farming in conventional and organic farming (Formas 2020-01072) with Helena Hansson, Riccardo Bommarco, Henning Schaak, Brian Kuns.

Distansarbete och landsbygdsutveckling efter pandemin (Formas 2021-02223) with Hans Westlund, Lucia Naldi, Johan P Larsson, Eleanor Johansson.  



Supervisor of Phd candidate Eleanor Johansson.

Publikationer i urval

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