Ramune Kuktaite

Ramune Kuktaite
I am an Associate Professor in Plant Product Quality at the Department of Plant Breeding, SLU, Alnarp and partly work as a vice-coordinator of MAX IV-SLU initiative. I am interested in plant protein innovative uses in bio-based materials, composites and food products. A research focus is on proteins from industrial side-streams and their innovative use in blends with starch/and fibers. Specific focus is on plant protein use in processed non-food and food systems for targeted end-uses. My interests are on protein (and other components') structure and it's hierarchical assembly , as well as understanding structure-function relationship for targeted applications. Protein structure characterization by the use of latest advanced methods including x-ray scattering and imaging methods are of interest as well.


Plant Product Quality group, Department of Plant Breeding, SLU, Alnarp.

Contact information, email:, tel: +46 (0) 40- 415337;


Main research areas: composites and materials from plant components, mainly proteins, but also starch and fibers, protein-rich side streams, advanced structure characterization using latest x-ray and other techniques, structure-function relationship.


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