Renats Trubins

Renats Trubins
Associate Lecturer, PhD


My research has dealt with/ deals with

- forest planning problems, such as effects of spatial planning scale on efficiency of forest ecosystem service provision, efffects of data-uncertainty 
- methodology of forest scenario modelling, especially  representing  forest owner behaviour in scenario and model contexts
- analysis  and modelling of  forest and agricultural land-use dynamics
- developing  matrix models of forest dynamics for large-scale forest resource projections
- developing  spatially explicit forest landscape simulation tools 
- socio-ecological systems and resilience thinking applied to forestry

Method development has been the more prominent part of my work, followed by case studies involving scenario analyses and simulations. My research contributes to better decision support in forest management and forest policy making, conceptualization and analytical framing of sustainability and governance problems in forestry.

My broader science related interests include science-policy interactions, political economy, statistical inference and philosophy of science and knowledge.

I have been involved in several larger collaborative research projects such as development of the European Forestry Dynamics Model (in partnership with JRC, LUKE and ENFIN),  the 7-th FP project INTEGRAL, and the Horizon 2020 project DIABOLO.

I have extenisve experience of operating forest simulation/ decision support tools such as LandSim, EFDM and Heureka.


I lead a 15ECTS Master level course "Planning in sustainable forestry" which is a part of Euroforester MSc program and also available as a free-standing course.

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