Rolf Johansson

Rolf Johansson


I am an architect (SAR/MSA), Dr. and Docent in architecture, and from 2016 a Professor Emeritus at SLU. I still engage in academic assignments and practice architecture.


In third cycle education I have been developing and teaching courses mainly in Theory of Science, Research Methodolgy, Scientific Writing and Achitectural Criticism at KTH and SLU from 1997 and onwards. 



In the late 60ies I studied Mathematics, History of Art and later Pedagogy at Stockholm University. I graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) as an architect in 1976 and worked in practice until 1990. During the next ten years a was a researcher at KTH (50%) and practicing achitect (50%). My research was mainly in the field of quality in housing. In 1992 I graduated from the School of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KKH) in Stockholm. I was awarded a PhD in architecture at KTH in 1997 and became engaged in third cycle education. In 2002 I was awarded a Docent degree in Architecture at KTH and became a Senior Lecturer at KTH and Visiting Professor in Landscape Architecture at SLU from 2004, Professor i Built Environment Analysis at KTH, 2005, and Professor in Landscape Architecture/Design Theory from 2011. Between 2007 and 2012 I was Head of Department (prefekt) at the Department of Urban and Rural Development. I initiated and developed sida-financed collaborations in PhD-education between the Landscape Architecture unit at SLU and universities in East Africa.


As a main supervisor in third cycle education I have guided nine students who are awarded a PhD and two awarded Licentiate degrees.

Publikationer i urval

Peer reviewed articles in journals / book chapters
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Non-peer reviewed articles / book chapters / reports


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Book reviews


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