Rolf Johansson

Rolf Johansson


I am an architect by training and Professor Emeritus/researcher in Landscape Architecture, with a specialisation in Design Theory. I work mainly with PhD education and research.


 In teaching, I work with research training by managing courses and supervising graduate students. The PhD courses I offer are in  the fields of theory and methods of research. Many of the PhD students are in sida-funded capacity building programmes with partner universities in Tanzania, Uganda and Bolivia.



The purpose of the specialization in design theory is to conceptualise the design process and its results. Some specific issues that me and my PhD students are interested in are: communication through other than visual means; logic by inference to the best explanation in creative thinking; case-based knowledge development; shapes and the significance of criticism; and issues related to informal urban development in the Global South.


At precent I am engaged in supervision of two PhD students registered at SLU, one registered at SLU and within a sida-financed capacity building programme Sweden-Bolivia, one registered at SLU and within a sida-financed capacity-building programme Sweden-Uganda, and three registered for double degree at SLU and Ardhi University within a sida-financed capacity-building programme Sweden-Tanzania.

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Arbetsbeskrivning: Professor Emeritus och forskare i ämnet landskapsarkitektur med inriktning på designteori. Jag arbetar huvudsakligen med forskarutbildning och forskning.
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