Sahar Dalahmeh

I am a researcher interested in wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture as well as treatment of wastewater using filters of organic materials (biochar).


My current research projects tackle the following 

- Minimization of wastewater pollutants including nitrogen, phsophorus and micro-organicns in samll scale wastewater systems using biochar filters, 

- Upstream activities to minimize micro-pollutants in wastewater

- Assessing uptake of micro-pollutants in plants and accumulation in soil in wastewater irrigated agriculture in low and middle income countries,



2012-2016 Small wastewater system, nutrient recycling and sludge management (TN0320; 5hp)

2010-2016 Safe nutrient recycling (BI0876; 10 hp). 

2011-2012 ”Waste management (TN0319; 5 hp)”,


- The occurrence and fate of pharmaceutical residues from their sources to water bodies and food chain in Jordan valley. PEER/ USAID

- 2016-2018 Total effects of wastewwater systems on sludge quality and nutrient recycling and metals separation / VA Kluster- Swedish water (Svenskt vatten).

- 2016-2018 Methods and knowledge for upstream activities for minimization of emergen pollutants in wastewater VA Kluster- Swedish water (Svenskt vatten).

- 2016 Biochar for onsite wastewater treatment: long term treatment capacity and enhanced removal of nitrogen and phsophor, Havs och vatten myndighet.

- 2015-2016, Removal of pharmaceuticals and peri-flourinated alkyl substances from onsite wastewater systems using biochar, Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare.

- 2015 Biokol i små avloppsanlägningar, Havs och vatten myndighet.

- 2013-2016, Pharmaceutical Pollution at Use of Wastewater in Crop Production: Consequences and Mitigation Measures for Soil Ecosystem and Agricultural Productivity in Developing Countries, Formas.

- 2015-2018 Morgondagens Kommunala Vattenrening- Steg 3, Vinnova.

- 2014-2015  Läkemedel och organiska miljöföroreningar i kretsloppet, Havs och vatten myndighet.

- 2013-2014 Morgondagens Kommunala Vattenrening, Vinnova

- 2008- 2014 On-site treatment of greywater - production of a water resource, FORMAS, SIDA and IDB.

- 2006-2008  Validation of WHO Guidelines for the Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater: Safe Use of Greywater in Jerash Refugee Camp, IDRC-WHO- FAO”, Jordan.


PhD students

o  Susanna Karlsson (2015).


Master students

o  Ylva Stenström. Biochar for phosphorus and nitrogen removal from wastewater (2016).

o  Johanna krona. Adsorption of pharmaceutical residues from wastewater using bark and active coal filters (2016).

o  Oskar Skoglund. Evaluation of bark material and granulated active carbon in treating perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) using waste water (2016).

o  Emma Björnberg. Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Concentrations Found in the Water, Soil and Crops in Kampala (2016).  

o  Anna-Klara Elenström. Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Concentrations Found in the Water, Soil and Crops in Kampala (2016).

o  Sana Tirgan. Occurrence of Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances in Wastewater, Soil and Crops in Nakivubo-Kampala/ Uganda (2016).

o  Malin Mellhorn. Biokol som filtermaterial i anslutning till dränering av åkermarksdiken- Utformning, installation och utvärdering av ett biokolsfilter (2014).

o  Morgan Pacaud. Effects of biochar particle size on pollutant removal from greywater (2014).

o  Susanna Ciuk Karlsson. Modeling of bark-, sand- and activated carbon filters for treatment of greywater (2012).

o  Christina Berger. Biochar and activated carbon filters for greywater treatment – comparison of organic matter and nutrients removal(2011).

o  Orianna Courtney. Eklund Small-scale Systems for Greywater Reuse and Disposal A Case Study in Ouagadougou (2010).

o  Linda Tegel Berg. Small-scale Systems for Greywater Reuse and Disposal A Case Study in Ouagadougou (2010).

Publikationer i urval

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