Samuel Coulbourn Flores

Samuel Coulbourn Flores
Computational structural biologist specializing in nucleic acids.


I work on the structure and dynamics of macromolecules, especially very large complexes and nucleic acids. Right now I am working on viral DNA genome packaging and RNA folding. In the past I have worked on protein-protein interactions and ribosomal mechanics. Most of my work centers on MacroMoleculeBuilder, my open-source, internal-coordinate modeling code. I am also very interested in sustainability and in particular how artificial intelligence can help.  


I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and trained as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer at ITESM, our top-ranked engineering school. I worked in the defense industry, while rounding out my Physics training at MIT. Then I joined the Physics Department at Yale, where I got my PhD in Mark Gerstein's lab. I followed that with a postdoc in Russ Altman's Bioengineering lab at Stanford. My first faculty position was as a forskarassistent at Uppsala University, then in 2017 became Dean of Students for MedBioInfo at Stockholm Univerisity, a job I still do part-time. As of November 2021 I am an Associate Professor (Universitetslektor) at SLU.