Sanna Stålhammar

Sanna Stålhammar
I am an interdisciplinary sustainability scientist, interested in social and conceptual dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem services. I draw on critical social science perspectives to inform approaches for values and valuation of ecosystem services and biodiversity.


Postdoctoral researcher in the VIVA-Plan project, examining how social-ecological assessments of urban green spaces can inform more comprehensive, just and inclusive governance and planning.


My research strives to diversify conceptions and assessments of human-nature relations within the ecosystem services paradigm. I examine the construction of values and valuation of natural environments. Ecosystem Services is a contested but widely applied framework that through its conceptualisation instrumentalises ecosystem functions toward particular ends related to human wellbeing or preferences. I contribute to the debates around various conflicts that arise through the anthropocentric framing of these concepts and approaches. A key tension explored in my work is that between abstract systems of categorisation, such as those often central to ecosystem services and green infrastructure approaches, and people's varied perceptions of nature and embodied experiences in natural environments. I draw on qualitative and narrative methods to understand local values, and use a critical-problem solving approach to contribute to the methodological development of assessments and knowledge integration of values of biodiversity. I engage with philosphical and ethical foundations of values, the politics of environmental knowledge, and ecosystem services at the science-policy interface. My field work is based on engagement with local communities and municipalities in Skåne in Sweden, in Cape Town, South Africa and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Sanna has a PhD in Sustainability Science from LUCSUS Lund University, and a MSc in Ecosystem Services from Edinburgh University. She has worked in inter-and transdisciplinary research projects on the implementation of ecosystem services approaches on municipal levels and in spatial planning (ECOSIMP and Mistra City-to-City learning lab)


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