Stephen Coulson

Project Manager (Artportalen, Swedish Species Observation System). ArtDatabanken (The Swedish Species Information Centre), the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Box 7007, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden


Previous positions held include periods as lecturer and researcher focusing on the ecology and taxonomy of invertebrates in the Arctic at the universities of Leeds, Liverpool John Moores, Oslo, and 10 years at the University Centre in Svalbard before joining Artdatabanken (SLU, Uppsala) in 2016.

Current position as project manager for Artportalen, a world leading open access database and analysis system describing the biodiversity of Sweden. The platform contains > 59,000,000 mainly voluntary reports of some 30,000 species from Sweden and >1,000,000 images (correct as of May 2017). When targeted or surveillance monitoring programs are not available, data collected by the public is an alternative source of information and Artportalen is prime example of Citizen Science. As the comprehensive data set enables both spatial and temporal analysis, the Artportalen records are now frequently used by county and town councils in Sweden as a principle biodiversity resource and it has become an important tool in environmental planning and decision making.


Has extensive experience of teaching at university level including as course leader. Teaching qualifications - Pedagogisk basiskompetanse, Fakultet for Humaniora, Samfunnsvitenskap og Lærerutdanning, Universitetet i Tromsø, Dec. 2010).

Has supervised masters and PhD students.

Guest lecturer on AB-201 Arctic terrestrial biology & AB-329 Arctic winter ecology (UNIS). External examiner AB-203 Arctic environmental management (UNIS).


Main research Interests
Ecology of terrestrial polar invertebrates including:

Arctic biogeography, dispersal, colonisation and ecosystem development
Overwintering strategies (physiological and behavioural)
Arctic invertebrate population dynamics
Plant / insect interactions

Publikationer i urval

91 papers published (or in press) in international reviewed journals; three book chapters. ResearchGate score 35.25.

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