Sued Ferreira da Silva

Sued Ferreira Da Silva
Sued Ferreira da Silva is a PhD student in landscape planning with a background in architecture and urbanism. Her research examines models and the politics of modeling in green space planning at the intersection with performance studies, critical theory, and planning history.


I am a trained architect and urban planner currently pursuing a PhD in landscape planning at SLU Ultuna under the supervision of Mattias Qviström and Johan Pries (Lund University). In both my masters at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University of Brasilia, the landscape was a central concept and field of analysis. By examining the translations of modernist models such as parkways, green belts, and green wedges both in Brazil and Sweden, I delved into the role of landscape discourses in shaping everyday realities and the ordering effects of these models.

My PhD research focuses on the performativity, situatedness, and multiplicity of green space models in the postwar era as they are translated into local contexts. Departing from an ontological standpoint, I bring emphasis to the politics of modeling, circling around the work models do, rather than what a model is to shed light on the power dynamics at play and potential political implications stemming from modeling practices. 

Publikationer i urval

Book Chapters:

Ferreira da Silva, S. 2022. "Brasilia, a story seen from the roadside: narratives of landscape transformation and the technological sublime", in Heathcott, J. (ed.) Routledge Handbook on Infrastructure Designs. New York: Routledge. 

Da Silva, SF 2019. "Ways of Seeing: the Downplay of Landscape Aesthetics in Sustainable Urban Paradigm", in Haas, T. et. al (ed.) Perspectives on Urban Realities. Stockholm: KTH ABE. 


Da Silva, SF, 2018. "Paisagens Atravessadas: Projeto, experiencia e cotidiano na Estrada Parque Taguatinga em Brasília" ( Traversed Landscapes: Urban design, experience and everyday life at the Taguatinga Parkway in Brasilia ), Master Thesis, University of Brasilia, 296 pages, <>. 

Peer Reviewed Articles: 

Da Silva, SF et. al. 2016. Poéticas da Paisagem: do sublime ao pitoresco no movimento Land Art ( Landscape Poetics: From sublime to picturesque in the Land Art Movement ), Revista Estética e Semiótica 6(1), < -362X.v6.n1.2016.10>. 

Da Silva, SF, 2016. "Paisagens em tränzit: o caso da Estrada Parque Taguatinga" ( Landscapes in Transit : the case of the Taguatinga Parkway ), Labor e Engenho 10(3):302-312, <DOI: 10.20396/lobore .v10i3.8646182>. 

Da Silva, SF 2016. "A natureza da paisagement entre os gregos" ( The nature of landscape among the ancient greeks ), Revista Paranoa no. 16, <DOI: 10.18830/issn.1679-0944.n16.2016.13>. 

Conference Papers:

Pereira, LB and Da Silva, SF 2016. "Espaços livres, enclaves ea paisagem urbana na modernidade agravada: o caso de Águas Claras" ( Open Spaces, Enclaves and
the Urban Landscape in the Aggravated Modernity: the Case of Águas Claras ),IV ENANPARQ: Encontro da Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Porto Alegre: Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

Da Silva, SF 2016. "Gestos na paisagem: o imaginário do horizonte no cotidiano urbano" ( Gestures in the Landscape: the imaginary of the horizon line in everyday life ), Corpocidade 5: Gestos Urbanos, Federal University of Bahia, December 6th to 9th 2016. Salvador: Plataforma Corpocidad. 


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