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SLU Future One Health

is a strategic platform for interdisciplinary research and collaborations that provides knowledge and solutions to good health and welfare for animals and people in sustainable ecosystems. More content is available on the Swedish page.

The One Health Breakfast Club

Take the opportunity to enjoy transdisciplinary discussions and initiate new collaborations with research colleagues. We starts off with a short inspirational talk, then some tasty breakfast together. See dates for upcoming events!

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Climate conversations at SLU

SLU Global and SLU’s four Future Platforms promote scientific climate conversations at SLU, across disciplines at SLU. There are webinars and seminars open for all and some events for SLU staff only.

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The Future Platforms and interdisciplinarity

Complex challenges require a range of solutions. One of the most important goals for the Future Platforms, is to develop interdisciplinary working methods at SLU by initiating and enabling collaboration across scientific disciplinary boundaries.

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One Health - the interface between animal, human and ecosystem health

Understanding the complex interface between animal health, human health and ecosystem health needs a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration between several scientific disciplines. SLU has a broad expertise in the One Health area.

Published: 05 December 2023 - Page editor: futureonehealth@slu.se