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Swedish Forest Soil Inventory

Statistics about the status and change in Sweden's forest soils.

Digging the pit, photo: Hilda Mikaelsson

The Swedish Forest Soil Inventory carries out soil surveys and monitors the soil environmental status continuously. Extensive soil sampling is made and soil chemical properties are determined. The data is used to assess environmental quality objectives, for international reporting, for research and for information to society.


Results from the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory are made available e.g. through the information system MarkInfo.

The Swedish National Forest Inventory

Find out more about the Swedish NFI, which SFSI has a close collaboration with.

A forest landscape

The greenhouse gas inventory

Read more about the greenhouse gas inventory and reporting to the UN and the EU.

A single pine tree on a mountain.
Published: 21 August 2023 - Page editor: hilda.mikaelsson@slu.se