Viken, Umeå

SRH Seminar: Remote Sensing Research for Forestry in Canada

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Title: Remote Sensing Research for Forestry in Canada: Assessment of Wood Attributes from Remote Sensing (AWARE)

Presenter: Professor Paul Treitz, Department of Geography and Planning, Queen’s University, Kingston

Canadian forest inventory and management requirements are changing rapidly as the forest sector works to satisfy an increasingly complex set of rules, standards, business practices, and public expectations (i.e., economic, environmental and social policy goals). As a result the Canadian forestry sector must generate the maximum possible value from each tree harvested. A significant barrier to the sustainable management of forests and the provision of ecosystem services under these new pressures is a lack of detailed information regarding the nature of the supply, that is, the amount and characteristics of forest resources. To address this barrier, there are two critical needs. First, to develop accurate inventory systems that spatially quantify timber and other forest related ecosystem services and second, to further the use of these systems to improve modeling of forested ecosystems, both with respect to accuracy and comprehensiveness. This project meets these two needs, in collaboration with government and industrial researchers.

The presentation will outline this project in broad terms and present some of the research being conducted at Queen’s University towards the goals of AWARE.



Tid: 2017-03-31 13:00 - 13:45
Ort: Umeå
Lokal: Viken