KSLA, Drottninggatan 95B, Stockholm

Workshop: Policy instruments for blue mussels - How should they be designed to maximize the environmental benefits?

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Välkommen att delta i workshop arrangerad av EU-projekten NutriTrade, Baltic Blue Growth, BALTCOAST and OPTIMUS.

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Länk till anmäl finns nedan. Sista anmälningsdag: 1 februari 2018 


Tid: 2018-02-09 09:30 - 17:00
Ort: Stockholm
Lokal: KSLA, Drottninggatan 95B
Arrangör: NutriTrade, Baltic Blue Growth, BALTCOAST and OPTIMUS.
Sista anmälningsdag: 1 februari 2018
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09:30 - 10.00 Registration and coffee

10.00 Welcome and introduction by Katarina Elofsson (SLU)

Session I: Mussel as one of the tools in policies for removing nutrients from coastal waters at low cost

10.30 Ing-Marie Gren (SLU): Economic value of uncertain nutrient abatement by mussel farming for mitigating eutrophication in the Baltic Sea

11.00 Rasmus Nielsen (Copenhagen University): Blue mussels as a compensation tool for nitrogen in Denmark

11.30 Discussion

11.45 Lunch

Session II: Experiences from promoting mussel cultivation at the local level

13.00 Odd Lindahl (KVA, Musselfeed): Control means for increasing environmental benefits from mussel farming - valued from the viewpoint of the mussel industry

13.30 Susanna Minnhagen (Kalmar kommun): Musselfarming from a local holistic perspective – can we profit from bad business?

14.00 Michael Palmgren (SEA-U, Malmö): Lokal styrning mot ökad miljönytta av musselodling – erfarenheter och idéer från Malmö

14.30 Discussion.

14.45 Coffee

Session III: The future: How can increased demand for mussel products become a driver of environmental improvements?

15.15 Ola Palm (RISE): Development of new technologies and public funding – challenges and possibilities

15.45 Anders Kiessling (SLU) and Annika Steele (Submariner): Post harvest solutions and economic compensation, experiences gained in the Baltic Blue Growth project.

16.15 Discussion.

16.45 Closing of workshop.

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Katarina Elofsson, forskare
Institutionen för ekonomi, SLU
katarina.elofsson@slu.se, 018-67 17 98      

Sidansvarig: emma.arias.olsson@slu.se