30 sep

A2034 MVM-building, Uppsala

Lunch seminar: Soil Respiration - A Geochemist's Perspective

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Welcome to a lunch seminar with Philippe Van Cappellen, Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate in Ecohydrology, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Soil respiration is a key ecosystem function and an important component of the global carbon cycle. In this Focus on Soils & Water lunch seminar, Philippe will review some of the geochemical controls on organic carbon degradation processes in soils with an emphasis on lowland environments. He will also provide information on a new international research partnership in cold regions ecohydrogeology between Canada (University of Waterloo, UW), China (China University of Geosciences, CUG), Russia (Moscow State University, MSU), University of Rennes (France) and Sweden (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU).


Tid: 2019-09-30 11:30 - 13:00
Ort: Uppsala
Lokal: A2034 MVM-building
Arrangör: Research Schools FoSW
Sista anmälningsdag: 25 september 2019
Mer information:

Please register until September 25th by emailing (hannes.keck@slu.se) and indicating your dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, any allergies).

Free lunch will be served.

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