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Symposium: Diversifying the cropping system using subsidiary crops

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Subsidiary crops are grown primarily for their ecological services rather than producing marketable crop yield. The interest in subsidiary crops in the form of various living mulches and cover crops has grown substantially in the last years but many of the proposed benefits and risks of subsidiary crops remain poorly documented. It is also unclear how subsidiary crops can be incorporated into cropping systems in a way that maximizes multifunctional benefits while minimizing tradeoffs.

The aim of this symposium is to more closely identify these knowledge gaps. An international guest speaker will showcase a potential approach for developing subsidiary crop use with a cropping system perspective.



Effects of subsidiary crops in oilseed rape on weed and pest control, nitrogen delivery and crop yield

Muriel Valantin-Morison, INRA, AgroParisTech

How are the components of the cropping system affected by subsidiary crops? How can each be optimized individually?

Maria Viketoft, SLU, Ecology: Soil macro- and mesofauna
Hanna Friberg, SLU, Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology: Soil microorganisms
Helena Aronsson, SLU Soil and Environment: Nutrient management
Thomas Prade, SLU Biosystems and Technology: Soil organic carbon
Alexander Menegat, SLU, Crop Production Ecology: Weeds
Mattias Larsson, SLU, Plant Protection Biology: Insects
Ann-Charlotte Wallenhammar, The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies: Pathogens

Speakers TBA: Flash presentations of ongoing and newly launched research projects on subsidiary crops at SLU.


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