Lisa Diedrich gästföreläser i Buenos Aires och Cordoba

Publicerad: 06 november 2018

SLU Urban Futures programchef, Lisa Diedrich, besöker denna vecka universitet i Buenos Aires och Cordoba, Argentina, och föreläser på båda universiteten under konferensen Urbanismo Europeo. Nedan följer titel och abstrakt av hennes föreläsning (på engelska).

Changing Narratives - Sustainability Differently: Critical Explorations in European Landscapes 

Time is ripe to re-imagine the urban question along discussions about relationships between the built-up and the not built-up as one complex urbanisation-induced landscape system. European landscape architects have developed strong reputation as professionals of the urban realm, with research, planning and design work reaching from large scale strategic designs to small scale urban open spaces, from publicly driven policies to community-initiated interventions, from climate-adaptive urban structures to urban performance art. As professionals and researchers, landscape architects offer skills and knowledge to programme the ‘commons’ of society and design the open spaces where people will meet. They can act as change agents and offer ideas of how abstract values, such as the 2030 Agenda’s SDGs, morph through imagination and experimentation into concrete spaces and people’s everyday lives. 


Lisa Diedrich, Professor

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